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Your Path To Success

The Viewenics™  Coaching Philosophy


The Viewenics Coaching™ Philosophy was developed through years of experience, work, teaching, and training, by TLBCI's Founder Dan Goldberg. It emphasizes a unique approach to life and business that helps individuals see things from a much broader and richer perspective. The Viewenics™ method has helped thousands of people enrich their lives and become happier, more contented, and increasingly productive. For over 40 years his philosophy has positively impacted both corporations and individuals.


Outlined in his books, discussed in televison, radio, newspapers, and magazine interviews, and communicated in his keynote speeches, training workshops, university courses, and coaching sessions, this revolutionary philosophy has had a sustainable influence on countless businesses and individuals.


The Viewenics Coaching™ Philosophy is not a theory, "typical" coaching program, or an academic exercise. It has been used for decades to produce life changing affects that can take companies and individuals to new heights. Once you learn the techniques embodied in the philosophy, you and your clients will be able to abolish self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging and self-defeating behaviors, engage in new skills that enable people to experience life from entirely new perspectives that help people think, communicate, act, and deliver results in ways that can exceed their expectations. 

Help In Building Your Business


Once you become a Certified Viewenics™ Coach you now have to build your business.


TLBCI will work hand-in-hand with you to help you achieve the success you desire. Over the years our team has worked with businesses large and small to become more efficient, effective, and profitable. As entrepreneurs and business coaches...that's what we do!


For over 40 years we've been helping businesses (both our own and those of others) and individuals - regardless of where they are around the world - become very successful. Remember, our founder built a successful international company that many of you know, teaches at major universities, and writes books on leadership, and business and personal success.


We'll teach you the strategies and tactics you need to know in order to built a profitable and enjoyable practice. And...just like all the suppost systems we afford to our students and alumni, it's included in your tuition!



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