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Semester V:

Corporate Professionals, Small Businesses, And Their Unique Needs


(Weeks 23 - 26)

During the final semester we will concentrate on the needs of businesspeople and their organizations. TLBCI was founded and is run by proven and successful entrepreneurs who understand the needs of small business owners and corporate executives and employees. Through thousands of hours of workshops, seminars, consulting assignments, and hands-on work with both their own and others' businesses, we have a plethora of experience that we will pass on to you. This treasure chest of knowledge will enable you to address the needs and concerns of your business clients and enable you to help them reach their goals and objective.


This semester, as with all the others, includes reference materials that will enable you to understand and deliver the coaching expertise you need to help make your clients' lives and businesses more productive, profitable, and efficient, while you increase your business as well.


In addition, our staff is always available to help you if situations arise that you may need assistance resolving. 



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