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Semester lll:

The Challenge, The Knowledge, and Enlightenment

(Weeks: 13 - 16)

Semester lll Overview: With the knowledge and experienced you're obtained through the first twelve weeks, you will be able to concertrate on areas you find appealing to yourself and for your practice. For the next three semesters we will delve into specific topics that will give you insights, techniques, and tools, into coaching individuals on: life, relationships, sales, leadership, and...corporate professionals, students, and small business needs. 


Using our core philosophy you'll be able to see things from a clearer perspective and help your clients become more successful and content. Through the use of our intrinsic energy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), viewenics™, conflict resolution, ambiguity recognition, and emotional, rational, and spiritual cognitive thought processes, you will foster positive change in both yourself and, as you start your practice...your clients as well.


Semester Break Work: Continue Building On, And Applying, What You've Learned


(Week 17)


Continue to apply your skills, techniques, and tools, with friends, neighbors, family members, and colleagues. When the break is over, we will discuss your thoughts, feelings, and the feedback you've received, so that you may learn from you practical application in order to grow. 



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