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The Life And Business Coaching Institute™ Difference

Certified Viewenics™ Life and Business Coaches are unique. They are not fashioned from a cookie-cutter but are individuals who can recognize the strengths and opportunities in their lives and use that knowledge to help themselves and their clients grow, become more productive, and reach specific goals.

TLBCI's Certification is constructed using our 4 Principles of Training:
  1. The Viewenics Coaching™ Philosophy – our exclusive method based on the principles developed by Dan Goldberg and only taught at TLBCI. 

  2. A Comprehensive Coaching Certification Program – our course selection enables you to understand the options we offer and help you choose (with guidance from TLBCI faculty and staff) the path that's right for you.

  3. Our Practice Development System will help you build a successful practice and provide you with the tools to generate the business and income level you desire.

  4. A Coaches' Support System that's second to none – we pride ourselves in our ability to support our existing students and graduates with a staff that is ready and willing to serve and help in any way possible.

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