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Semester ll: Viewenics™, Leadership, and Change 


(Weeks 7-10)


Semester ll Overview: Viewenics™ is the core of our training. The technique is the cornerstore of founder Dan Goldberg's philosophy and a skill that will help you and your clients view life from an entirely new perspective. Since Dan has written three books on leadership and viewenics™, you will learn firsthand how to use this skill to enable your clients to foster broader thinking, emotional development, cognitive reasoning, and other attributes that will add depth, texture, empowerment, and success, to their lives.  Through assessments, workshops, dialogue, and readings, TLBCI's core philosophy will become clear and usable in your practice.


Using the knowledge you've gained in semesters l and ll you can now select the concentration for your practice. In the first two semesters you will have encountered issues that are common in the coaching field. Now, you can branch out into a specific area.  


Semester Break Work: Building On, And Applying, What You've Learned


(Weeks 11 & 12)


Now that you've completed the first ten weeks of the program, applying what you've learned should begin to feel natural. Of course, our certified staff will always be available to assist you should you need guidance or have any questions. Integrating your new knowledge and practicing your skills on friends, neighbors, family members and colleagues during the break will help you hone your skills and begin to develop a well-rounded business/practice mentality. 


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