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Based in Ethics. Built on Wisdom, Knowledge, Enlightenment, and Growth.

Our Vision 


The Life and Business Coaching Institute™ (TLBCI) prides itself on being a business born from an ethical base. We strive to change peoples' lives for the better while building on the latest techniques and skills without minimizing human interaction.


Our Mission

By working with individuals who are committed to helping people live more productive, peaceful, happy, and contented lives, TLBCI brings a consistently high level of training and coaching to its students who then pass on their wisdom and knowledge to others. We believe in working closely with both our clients and students in order to enable them to impact others in a positive manner. Our constant monitoring of the industry, along with our innovative processes, and dedicated staff, drive us to provide the best quality programs available.

Through our strategically focused approach, our graduates are trained to guide their clients through problems, challenges, and other situations in the areas of: leadership, listening, business and organization, life, relationships, communication, and conflict resolution. 

Our ultimate goal is to make each of our students, their clients, and anyone who is affiliated with TLBCI, a better human being. 


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