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Our Story

The Life and Business Coaching Institute™ was started when it became evident to founder Dan Goldberg that no other life and business coaching certification program met the standards he believed were needed to empower individuals and businesses to achieve their goals and objectives through the teachings of experienced entrepreneurs, trained Viewenics™ (a philosophy of life that he discovered and developed) coaches, and individuals who have the academic qualifications and rigor to make sure that all students reach their fullest potential.


After Chairing Boards and Dean’s Councils at universities, to help specific colleges within those universities achieve accreditation, he realized the arbitrary nature of accrediting bodies. It was then that he decided to create an institution free of self-perpetuating “coaching accrediting entities” and build one based on what had already proven successful for thousands of individuals, businesses, and students he had worked with over the years.


The Life and Business Coaching Institute™ is like no other life and business coaching organization. We are committed to, not only teach our students using the latest methods and techniques, but...we’re also dedicated to helping them create successful businesses once they’ve graduated. That is our mission and we are proud to have it as our guiding principle!

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