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Semester IV:

Relationships, Life, and Students


(Weeks 18 - 21)

During this semester we will concentrate heavily on life's dilemmas and how to work with clients to overcome problems, hurdles, tragedy, and adversity. In addition, we will delve into why some relationships crumble, how great relationships work and what to do to ensure that your clients' relationships become successful. Finally, we will address the situations that face students, both in school and outside of school. Through extensive dialogue and other tools, we will develop your skills in dealing with the plights and pleasures of students and how to advice them to grow, use positive energy to succeed, and help them reach their potential.



Semester Break Work: Continue Building On, And Applying, What You've Learned


(Week 22)

Continue to apply your skills, techniques, and tools, with friends, neighbors, family members, students, and colleagues. When the break is over, we will discuss your thoughts, feelings, and the feedback you've received, so that you may learn from you practical application in order to grow. 


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