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Is Coaching For You?


  • You have a positive impact on people and they look to you for advice and comfort.

  • Personal growth and the desire to learn more about yourself and others motivates you.

  • You're comfortable listening to people without having to interrupt them.

  • You enjoy helping people grow and succeed.

  • You possess the ability to see potential in others.

  • You live a life that others admire for your calmness, healthy lifestyle, and non-judgmental behavior.

  • You understand that entrepreneurs must work hard to achieve the success and financial freedom they desire.

  • You know that you can help others become more content, fulfilled, and successful.


The world of coaching, and the statisfaction, excitement, and lifestyle it provides, may be right for you!


You may have already spent quite a bit of time thinking about becoming a Certified Life and/or Business Coach, but...haven't found the right organization to satisfy your needs. TLBCI can help you fulfill your dreams and work closely with you throughout the Certification process to enable you to acheive your goal. Life and/or Business Coaching is a growing and exciting field and one that can bring both enjoyment and financial freedom to those who work hard at positively impacting others. Professionally Certified Coaches are always in demand and the service they provide is immeasurable.


Becoming a Certified Viewenics™ Life and/or Business Coach is an extraordinary experience. Our process, and the training itself, will create results that will have a positive impact on you throughout your life.


Once you complete your certification, the world opens up new and incredible opportunies for you and your clients. And...TLBCI will be always be there to assist you in achieving your goals.


TLBCI is not just another Life and Business Certification organization. Our founding principles are unique, our curriculum is extensive, our faculty is experienced and professionally and academically qualified. Plus...they've led successful caoching and business organizations as well. We have a proven coaching process, all-inclusive tuition, and we will assist you in establishing your coaching practice and work with you to help it grow.


Our TLBCI process includes:


  • The Essential Viewencs Coaching™ Course – a comprehensive skillset developed by Dan Goldberg and taught as a coaching process  ONLY at TLBCI.

  • An Inclusive Certification Program that enables you to prepare for the specialized field of your choice.

  • TLBCI's Support System will help you generate the full-time or supplimental income you desire, as well as give you the supprt needed to help you establish your practice.


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