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Semester l: Understanding Yourself and Others


(Weeks 1-4)

Semester I Overview: Extensive learning about your motivations, values, interests, and behaviors, as well as those of others - so that you will have a solid foundation to dissect what makes people do the things they do, why they do them, and how they do them. Included in this semester are in-depth explanations of the assessments you did prior to beginning your training. You will also be given numerous other exercises, tools, learning modules, techniques, and assessments, to help you recognize the basic foundations of human behavior and the core elements of coaching. 


This first portion of your training will provide you with practical knowledge about how to use what you learn to transform yourself, and thus your clients, to begin to lead a more fulfulling existence while learning how to successfully interact with others.


Each class will give you real life practical steps to help people maximize their energy, create new and meaningful priorities and opportunities, and build a better and more productive life.


This first semester is filled with techniques that will enable you to understand how to hold your clients accountable and how to lead them in the direction they desire so that they can achieve success.   


If, after the first semester, you feel that TLBCI coaching program is not for you, we will refund the remainder of your tuition. We stand by our program and our students and want to make sure that you are completely satisfied before moving forward.



Semester Break Work: Building On What You've Learned


(Weeks 5 & 6)


The break between semesters is when you apply what you have learned. This is done by working with your mentor, online discussions, working with your peers, practicing with others, reading required works, and completing assignments. These one or two-week periods are designed to enable you to give and receive feedback and expand your understandin of the content given and discussed during the semester.

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